Château Barouillet Bergecrac, AOP Bergerac blanc sec
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Château Barouillet Bergecrac, AOP Bergerac blanc sec

12.5 % % Vol.

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CHF 18.50
CHF 18.50
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CHF 18.50
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Jahrgang: 2010

Inhalt: Weiswein

Grösse: 75 cl|

Traubensorte: Bergerac


Château Barouillet has been owned by the family for 8 generations, our research couldn't go any further back as some transmissions were made by women and therefore names changed due to marriage. Nonetheless it is sure that the winery has existed for a very long time and our ancestors have loved and pampered this land.


We make the wine the same way we work in the vines: respecting the raw material (grapes and wine), using a lifting conveyor, and an inflatable winepress with1 a closed cage and soft central drains for the harvest.

We also want to limit as much as possible the additives, the only one that I authorize is SO2 in a homeopathic way, so we adopt an impeccable hygiene in the winery. It is risky not to use selected yeasts but it is also a proof of the originality of the land and initial characteristics that makes our appellations. The wines are not filtered for the vast majority. As with the vine, we adapt to each wine according to its terroir its vintage and its destiny.


We are located at Pomport, Dordogne, in the middle of Monbazillac appellation southern Bergerac, barely 50 km from Saint Emilion. The vineyard consists of 45 hectares, divided into 5 lots


Our approach is to work like the traditional agriculture, observing carefully, each land and each lot with a farmer’s intuition. Since 2010, we have gradually converted all the domain in organic until having all the domain certified or in conversion in 2014. We push the biological approach a little further by working according to the lunar calendar in the vine as to the cellar. We do not use weed killer and we use organic treatment parsimoniously, which maintains a preservation of the ecosystem and improves the quality of the soil. We adapt the way of working the plants and soil according to the yearly climatic conditions and the condition of the vines, in order to transmit to our wine the best of each vintage.